Do you worry about not being able to talk to your friends or family even in case of emergency? Do you worry that if there ever is any such problem no one will be able to reach you and all of this because you do not own a cell phone? If cell phone prices are too high for you and the service is unaffordable then you are a potential candidate for Free Cell Phone Assurance.

The government is providing this service to people who are not financially stable enough to afford this service themselves. The eligibility criterion is simple. If you own a benefit statement of any sort, may it be a divorce decree, a pension benefit statement, or a worker compensation benefit, or any other decree of that sort you can get your application form for this service. These forms will be present with you local providers. Of course, you will have to attach your copy of proof with it. The proof can have to do with any of the above-mentioned government programs in which you are involved.

250 free minutes are usually given per month. However, if this number is insufficient to fulfill your requirement then you can buy more minutes at cheap prices. In addition, only one free cell phone is allowed per house therefore applying of all the family members will be useless. Get the most deserving one or the one who requires it the most to apply. It will definitely be a help for the entire family. A lot of uncertainties and confusions can be avoided with the help of this free cell phone assurance. Anybody who is deserving and eligible should give it a shot and try their luck. Government is taking quite an incentive and every deserving soul should get a chance to avail it.


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keya washington Posted on August 5, 2015 at 4:17 pm

access wireless have good service

robbie sutton Posted on August 27, 2015 at 10:57 pm

I was recently evicted from my apt so therefore I lost my telephone I really need one the last one I had was in Las Vegas NV 90037 please help I had to relocate to Los Angeles CA .

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